Manifesting a Magical Reality or How to Masterfully Create Without Sabotaging Ourselves?

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6 min readSep 6, 2021

We, humans, are a strange species. We’ve always wanted to control things. Having invented the first stone tools some 1.65 million years ago, followed by an agricultural, industrial and technology revolution, it indeed looks like we’ve taken things in our own hands. We literally forge out new forms, bring about things, which never existed before. Yet today more and more people turn away from the idea that we have things in our hands, and explore ideas of “attracting things”, “subconsciously creating”, etc., with books like “law of attraction” catching on.

Regardless if we want it or not, we are creation engines. From the time we are born to the time we die (and maybe even after that) we are constantly creating, constantly attracting — knowingly or unknowingly. Look at it this way: we are a ball of energy, a magnet moving around in an interconnected web. From a scientific point of view, we are composed of atoms and subatomic particles, which are 99.9999999% empty space — yeah, that’s right! Our bodies are 99.9999999% empty space — energy in motion… Hard for the mind to grasp. And we are part of a larger interrelated network, in constant connection with the world at large.

But don’t take this idea for granted. See if you can verify it for yourself. Maybe a synchronicity happened the other day — you were thinking about a friend you haven’t been in touch with for a while and right at that moment the person called you. Or you were trying to accomplish something. And you pushed and pushed and pushed. The more you tackled it and fought — the more it pushed back. Then finally you let go and the thing somehow resolved, sorted itself out.

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly manifesting on the external level. Bringing about new forms. This is our gift from the universe. When Jesus said “You are Gods”, maybe he meant co-creators. Yet, for us to fully appreciate the gift of creation and find enjoyment and fulfillment through it, the state of consciousness we manifest from is vital. We may manifest from an egoic state of consciousness driven by a sense of desire, lack, or fear. Or we may manifest from an egoless state of consciousness, driven by fulfillment, abundance, love and joy. When we operate from desire or lack, regardless of the amount of effort and energy we put, the result will never be fulfilling (for long). It is produced by low-quality energy, and:

❖ The process of achieving is not joyful, but rather a struggle, a fight all along

❖ While pushing to get one thing, other things fall apart (relationship, health etc.)

❖ Even if we get the result we want it doesn’t provide lasting fulfillment or soon we want a change

On the other hand, manifesting consciously, from a state of egoless connection and peace, is charged with high-quality energy. It is much more powerful:

❖ Our actions are infused with effectiveness, things are happening with ease without resistance, help appears in the form of synchronicities and people

❖ The outcome is not that important and we are not attached to it. We trust things will unfold the way they are meant to.

❖ We enjoy the process of achievement itself. Our actions are inspired.

Our external world always reflects our inner world. If we believe that by changing the external, we will improve the internal (feel fulfilled and joyful), it’s a delusion. Another delusion is that things can get fixed and put in order on the external level. No, things always change. The highs and ups of today become the lows and downs of tomorrow. The magical soulmate and the fairytale honeymoon of today becomes the painful divorce and the devastating loss of tomorrow. Life is designed to be challenging and to offer us constant shift. Its purpose is to make us enjoy the rollercoaster without clinging to any circumstances (good or bad).

When we would like to manifest something — let’s say a new relationship, a new job, a new home — the most important thing is first to inspect where the true need for the thing we want comes from. To see if deep down there isn’t a lack, a sense of neediness or fear and we seek some form of resolution or completion through this new external thing. If this is the case, then manifesting what we want won’t change much. It is only a secondary tool. The primary cause was not addressed. Which is internal — the state of consciousness we are in at this moment.

Yet, when we look inside and find there is already perfect peace and serenity, then the new relationship will only be a natural addition to the external world. We’d feel just as harmonious and joyful either way — if it came into our life or if it didn’t. And if we only had ourself and no one else to relate with, it would be perfectly enough too. It is only our preference that there was another loving soul in our life. A natural need. Nothing more. Then, why not help manifest it…

So how to discern between a true, natural need and a false ego-driven one? First, vigilance and alertness are required right at the get-go. When the idea forms for the first time in your mind witness this moment very attentively — is there peace and certainty around the desire? Some deep knowing within? Or is there some hyped-up, agitated feeling? If it is the latter, maybe the ego is speaking… If you are not certain, give it some time. If after a while the initial emotion changes or doubt starts to appear, this may be a sign that what we wanted was an egoic need indeed.

Sometimes the only way to find out is to see how we feel after we get what we think we needed. Not immediately after (when we are still under the exaltedly ecstatic effect of accomplishing a long-pursued goal), but after some time has passed. Weeks or months. Are we then still satisfied and in peace? Or is there already a tiny lack or want sneaking in the background? If it’s the latter, most probably the need was egoic.

The impulse to manifest has to come not from the ego, but from a deeper place, from our essence. From our innermost place of stillness and joy. Which is in alignment with the universal intelligence. Then, manifesting actually makes sense. It is also much more powerful and effective, truly satisfying.

How to manifest in practice? Well, there is no right or wrong way. No correct methodology with definite steps to be followed. Yet, two things should be in place:

  1. Intention
  2. Applying conscious actions

An intention is simply a knowing, a vision of what needs to manifest. Some people might find it helpful to put the intention in writing. How? Let’s take for example manifesting a new intimate relationship. Not writing a high-level statement only (f.ex. “A new intimate relationship”). Nor a pages-long detailed description of it. But putting down several sentences in present tense about the relationship and main characteristics of the partner. That would be enough… Let’s have some trust in the higher intelligence and leave the rest to it :)

Next, visualize the result of your intention as already manifested. Does it make you feel different than how you feel at this moment? More elated maybe? If it does, that might imply some attachment to the result. Ideally, your state of harmony and completeness shouldn’t be affected by the outcome. You may also want to repeat the intention several times out loud. With peaceful awareness. Do those “exercises” in a quiet setting for 5–10 minutes every day for several days. And then let go and move on enjoying life.

Consciously sowing an intention is a beautiful thing and the universe loves it. This, however, does not exclude taking practical steps towards the outcome you want manifested. Action may be necessary. Sometimes intense, energetic, continued action. However, the practical part is only secondary. Primary is the state of consciousness from which the actions flow. If you allow the goal to take over your mind completely, the doing then turns into a means to an end. It becomes uninspired, heavy and stressful. Instead, hold on to an open, loving and playful attitude at all times. Truly enjoy the doing. Unattached to the final result of your actions. Perceiving it as a game. A fun, light, wonderful game. The game of life. Trusting all will unfold in the most appropriate way. Allowing a perfect intelligence, a higher power to operate through you. And maybe the result will be more surprising and astonishing than what you’ve ever imagined. Or maybe it will lead you to a different path. And you will find yourself arriving at a completely different place. The one you were truly meant to be. The one your soul has been craving for all along. How will you know? It feels right. It feels enough. It feels home. It feels complete.



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