How to Tap into Authentic Discipline and Commitment Without Struggling or Pushing Yourself?

Deeper Consciousness
3 min readMar 30, 2021

Disciplining yourself isn’t hard. But it requires you to become your own Disciple. (That’s all.) To be your own Disciple is to listen carefully, learn, and follow… Yourself! Easier said than done, you’d say. Well, let’s see.

It’s not other people or the external environment you should listen to. Not even to the repetitive worrisome thoughts such as “you are not doing enough”, “stop procrastinating”, “you’re behind”, or “you need to get more done”. Even less to the emotions of frustration, irritation, stress, shame, guilt, impatience, or anxiety. It’s tuning deeper into yourself that matters.

Beyond all the “noises” and learned mental-emotional behaviors, there is a deep inner voice — our most intelligent guide. We need to connect to it. When we do, all doubt and agitation is gone. We become one with its wisdom.

It starts to reveal things to us. Things we considered so important suddenly lose their grip, their meaning. We might realize we have been going in the wrong direction. Sometimes for a very long time…

A new clear vision of what is truly our path appears. To start shifting direction and follow this inner call feels natural, almost automatic. It does not require willpower or pushing. It is commitment in its purest form. Commitment to what really matters to us.

How do you bypass all the distractions and listen to what this inner voice has to say?

Forget your current life situation for a moment and go deeper within. Forget the deadlines, forget the next appointment, the family problems, etc. Become still, completely present. Let go of the need to know anything, become open, and allowing… See what happens.

Whether you feel you need a change or not, for true discipline and commitment to arise, ENJOY THE DOING! (How?) Devote 100% to any activity you do at any given moment. Immerse yourself fully in it without any internal resistance. If you are driving a car, lose yourself in the process. Give your undivided attention to each movement of the hands, to the road in front of you, to the noises, and all other sensations that arise. At that moment there is no future, there is no past. The activity and you merge into one. Ease and enjoyment flow into the activity. You don’t struggle or force yourself in any way.

Another vital step that invites authentic discipline and commitment in your life is to LET GO OF THE OUTCOME.

If you look at it more closely, it’s not the outcome that you seek. What you are after are the joy, happiness, and fulfillment you believe the desired outcome will bring you. Well, this is an illusion. You’ve already been chasing one rabbit after another your whole life up until now. Yet none of the results provided lasting peace and happiness. And you still think it’s only the next personal, work, financial, or career goal you need to hit?

It’s not going to work. It’s not the outcome that’s important, but it is the state of Being that we are in at this moment that truly matters.

If deep down you know you are going in the right direction, if you are immersed in the activity itself, feeling joy and excitement, allowing the outcome to unfold naturally — however it turns out to be… Without needing it, without clinging to it… You are already a success. And then the outcome may happen to be surprisingly good, too. But it’s of secondary importance.

Because throughout the process you tuned in, tapping into true and empowered discipline and commitment. And felt good. Felt complete. Felt home.



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